UW Divestment Coalition Banner Drop at UWSP

On September 24 2021, the UW Divestment Coalition had another “banner drop”at a busy crossing point for students on the Univesity of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus.

The first video is an interview with Molly McGuire, the Vice-President of 350-Stevens Point, a local chapter of the large national movement 350-Org founded by Bill McKibben. The Stevens Point chapter’s officers are all students at UW-Stevens Point, which is unique among environmental groups in this state.

UW Divestment Coalition:

Next is a brief interview with Lucy, Action Coordinator of the UW Divestment Coalition at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The musical soundtrack was not intentional, but part of the background sound outside the athletic building where the students were coming and going.

350 Stevens Point

President: Gabrielle Arnold

Vice President: Molly McGuire


Public Relations: Katherine McClure

Secretary: Cailey Wolf

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