Endorsement of Katrina Shankland

We, the executive committee and membership of the Stevens Point Area Green Party, are formally endorsing Representative Katrina Shankland in the upcoming November 6th election.  Greens do not typically endorse Democrats, however, we feel it is important in the current political climate to sow the seeds of solidarity whenever possible. Though our political goals do not always align there is enough overlap in our platform with the Portage County Democratic Party to see in Katrina a ready and steadfast ally.  We recognize Katrina as someone who takes seriously what an “elected representative” is and is supposed to do.

Katrina has been a strong ally on many of the issues we care about from expanding public transit, to limiting high capacity wells, protecting wetlands, advocating for expanded medicaid coverage, and she has called out, and taken stances on, issues of racial bias where other elected leaders have opted not to make their positions clear or, worse, are on the wrong side of the issue.  Katrina has been an outspoken advocate for, and supporter of, our efforts to raise awareness of key political discourses including the environmental lecture and book series started this year by our UWSP campus chapter.

Katrina takes to heart her role as an elected representative and listens empathetically to the citizens of her district.  She is a strong, confident leader who champions both social and environmental causes that affect not only us, but the quality of life of all the residents of the state of Wisconsin.  We are lucky to have such a strong leader representing us in Madison and look forward to continuing to work with her for the betterment of our community, county, region and all of Wisconsin.  Join us on November 6th in casting your ballot for Katrina Shankland!

Read “Arrive Together: Transportation Access and Equity in Wisconsin”

ArriveTogetherCover.PNG   A new report was published from a coalition of Wisconsin organizations focused upon what are often called “Economic and Social Justice Issues”.

You can read it at the link in blue–
Arrive Together: Transportation Access and Equity in Wisconsin

Now, what we need to do is start to light a fire under Wisconsin’s Legislature about this issue. We would like to suggest the most appropriate way to do this is to apply maximum public pressure to your LOCAL elected officials (Town Board, Village Boards, City Councils, County Board supervisors) to urge them to apply maximum pressure to their local State Senate and Assembly reps to pass

Regional Transit Authority enabling legislation.

Wisconsin had a very brief window of opportunity, when Regional Transit was briefly legalized from 2009-2011.

Then, for entirely dogmatic ideological reasons having nothing to do with meeting the needs of Wisconsin’s people, a one-party government in Madison slammed the window shut again by dis-enabling Regional Transit during the frenzy of passage of the 2011 budget.

We doubt that ANY GOP legislators even read the part of the budget bill that disabled regional mass transit in Wisconsin. That is because, they were voting out of rigid, dogmatic ideology dictated by ALEC, a man named Grover Norquist, the Bradley Foundation, and other corporate-statist idea-makers who instruct the Legislature how to vote.

We suggest you wait until the Nov. 6th election when you will know who will be in the Legislature representing your local District. Then, begin making contacts with both the legislators, and your local elected officials.

–Editorial Staff.