Wisconsin! Know your fascists’ connections!

A bunch of connections, shared by a member of Veterans For Peace, Move to Amend, Solidarity Sing-Along and other notable groups of Patriots in Jefferson County, WI…

Wrap your head around this…
“The Philanthropy Roundtable was established by the Bradley Foundation in 1987 as a 501(c)(3) organization to help facilitate conservative grant-making.” The Philanthropy Roundtable had the same phone number as the New Citizenship Project and had “explicit ties” to The American Enterprise Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations, along with the think tank Heartland Institute (Heartland is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council).

Michael Grebe | Money Badger

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“The Bradley Foundation, headed by Governor Scott Walker’s campaign co-chair Michael Grebe, has underwritten a massive, pro-privatization propaganda campaign, including “a systematic and relentless campaign to turn public opinion against the public school system.

…supporting organizations promoting education privatization, academics providing favorable pro-privatization pseudo-science, media personalities promoting the privatization agenda, and lobbying organizations advocating for privatization legislation.”

Move Over, Koch Brothers: A Bigger, Darker Rightwing Funder

Bradley finances:
– The MacIver Institute
– Wisconsin Policy Research Institute
Bradley helped create Americans for Prosperity
– Project for a New American Century

“The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation (“the Bradley Foundation”) has been called “the country’s largest and most influential right-wing organization” because of the volume of grants it distributes each year, a large number of which go to supporting a network of neoconservative-led groups.”
Get the whole picture here.

How John Birch Society Extremism Never Dies: The Fortune Behind Scott Walker’s Union-Busting Campaign

Bradley Foundation

Those Who Control

Pastor quits after denying he sent threatening, misogynist rape-culture e-mail

Pastor quits after denying he sent threatening, expletive-laced email

So this Knot-style pastor resigns, while denying having said shit like he actually said towards Claire Van Fossen…

Meanwhile, Pinochet-style neoliberal Democrat Sheriff Clarke piles on the misogyny and fascism directed at Ms. Van Fossen in his own bizarre comments. You can source that story elsewhere, but meanwhile…

“A La Crosse pastor resigned this afternoon in a controversy in which he was accused of sending an obscene email to a blogger who had written that society would be better without police.

“The Rev. David Wendt resigned from his post at First Evangelical Lutheran Church on Tuesday afternoon, capping a day in which he initially denied sending the screed to Claire Van Fossen, one of 20 community bloggers the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel hosts on its website.

“Van Fossen’s March 25 post, headlined, “A just and free world means a world without police,” criticizes police, saying, among other things, “They threaten us with violence and incarceration and target the most oppressed and vulnerable people in our society.”

“An email confirmed as being from Wendt’s Yahoo email address, dated March 27, slammed Van Fossen as a liberal — in threatening terms so crude that they are unpublishable in a family newspaper.

“The email also derided Van Fossen’s post as idiotic and asked whether the sender and friends should drop by to rape her, adding, “WHEW! At least I won’t have to worry about you calling the police.”

“Wendt, who lives in Onalaska, called Onalaska police to his home Monday night to report the matter. The responding police officer asked him to bring his computer in to the station for forensic analysis, Chief Jeff Trotnic said.

“First Lutheran congregation President Mick Schwedler confirmed this morning that the email address is Wendt’s but said Wendt denied sending the message.”

Whole story here.