Yearly Energy Consumption in the USA -Focus on the Petroleum

Here’s the EIA’s annual energy consumption graph for the year 2018, the year when your president began claiming “U.S. Energy Independence.

Nothing, of course, could have been further from the truth. However, the American people seem to have bought the lie.

How much energy-equivalence is there if the petroleum consumption–used predominantly in transportation sector of the economy–were instead electricity consumption?

Here’s Kyle’s Converter’s answer: 10,257 Terawatt-hours. The USA currently is consuming just over 4,000 Terawatt-hours of electricity annually.

Where is the plan to convert the USA’s economy from 10,257 Terawatt-hours equivalent energy consumption with petroleum, over to renewable energy? There is no plan, at any level.

Tracks in need of vocals

In electronic music today I find there’s always room for more socially-conscious to downright radical tunes to be made. Popular music — including some hiphop — has a seemingly endless playlist of sexist, even misogynist, tuneage. The section that’s not like that has another seemingly endless playlist of falling in love / breaking up / regretting the breakup tunes. I feel that those areas are well covered already and not in need of more coverage.

What’s lacking is a lot more social consciousness / radical / revolutionary / patriarchy-smashin’ / de-colonizin’ / system-changin’ content. That’s where you come in.

If you’re someone who would go to Open Mic events if Covid ever were over, and read poems or do spoken word, or perhaps sing to a guitar backup or whatever, maybe you’d like to expand your repertoire.

I’m making tracks that could fit into genres like hip-hop or breakbeats or trip-hop, glitch-hop or even house music and other “EDM” genres, without any vocals.

If you would like to collaborate on making full tracks including your vocals, you can right-click on a track and then “save as” an mp3 file in your folder on your drive.

Then you can load that track in a player and synch your rhyming or your spoken word or your singing, whatever you like to do, and then forward it back to go thru further mixing & editing. This is not a pro studio here with pro mixing boards and all of that. I generally strive for that “college house party” level of fidelity. You might call it “lo-fi.”

If you want to participate send an email [mailto:]

Here’s some ideas to get you started. Note that these are all electronic music tracks, that is, no live instruments used, and the synthesizer “voices” used are themselves algorithmic-generated. Generally an electronic music track will have a bassline(s), drum line(s), some chord sequences, arpeggiators or “arps,” often some “pads,” which are synth sounds that form a background or a high range above the lead sounds. There are usually some sort of lead lines, often called “Big Room Leads,” referring to the Big Room in a rave setting where the lead tune rides above all the other tracks. In vocal songs the “big room lead” is your vocal, your song…

Viral melody 20 in key of C Minor. Tempo is 120 beats per minute, for 136 bars.

Viral melody 17 in key of A minor. Uses variable effects in an X-Y (2-effect box) and tracks at 96 beats per minute. Minimalist Psychill / Downtempo track at 96 BPM all made with FL Studio synth voices. Drawn from massively huge folders of FL Studio scores.

Remember Who You Are
Track made from Looperman hip-hop grooves from years gone by. Track beat count is 96 beats per minute with transitions at 4-bar points,

Needs vocals. Your vocals. Song, poem, or spoke word. Add your a capella vocs…use the message function here to get in touch via email, “the only way to communicate in the days of dysfunctioning social media.” contact greenpeoplesmedia(at)gmail(dot)com

(major credits – krp92 )

Viral72 D minor XY Modulate Breakbeats19
made with FL Studio scores and some drum tracks from the folder “Breakbeats 2019” which finally got put to some use.
This track also uses an X-Y effects modulator built-in the synth preset voice, where Y axis is frequency filter, and X axis is resonance of the tones.

What Happens in A Minor, Stays in A Minor
made this over a year ago. Some FL studio scores mashed up with drum tracks. Some use of breakbeats plus ordinary house type beats. The beat tempo appears to be 120 beats per minute by manual count… In the key of A minor. This one uses some cute Pads, along with some “Acid”-type arpeggiators.

Electronic dance music as medium for your message

It’s possible to deploy electronic dance music as a carrier, a medium for your message, whether it be song, rhyme or spoken word. Your call for socialjustice message, your “woke” message, your radical message, your rage message…

Too often we hear long House Music mixes where the vocal tracks on top of top-notch musical tracks are disappointing to say the least.

Let’s just say, “Booty House” has been done to death and leave it at that. Likewise there is just way too much, in our humble opinion, overtly sexist and sexploitive hip-hop out there.

That being said, we’re looking for people, particularly women vocalists (whether song, rhyme or spoke word) who want to do vocals on top of tracks laid down with basslines, drum, instrument lines etc. A few examples to give you an idea what we’re talking about here…

On another post we’ll start putting up some tracks that you can drop vocals over, using whatever audio recording tech you may have at your disposal. This is not a project that’s going to get you a spot on The Voice and isn’t going to be super hi-fidelity. If you’re already doing super hi-fi vocal tracks you don’t need this project.

Get in touch via email: greenpeoplesmedia(at)gmail(dot)com if you want to think about doing some collaborating…

Haz DJs version of “Overcome…”

Arundhati Roy, “Instant Mix, Imperial Democracy (Buy One Get One Free!)” mashup with LowKey & Immortal Technique that we made.

“He’s in Mining” – Rap from “Finally Got the News,” movie about the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, reggae-dub style… also made here.

Gil Scott-Heron, his rap on “The Blues,” track from a Derrick Carter house music set some time…

Barbara With “testifies” to the Wisconsin officials against GTAC mining company: “It’s called fascism, and that’s what’s happened to this state…” Also a home-made project using a backing track called “Dark Dubstep”.

North-Central WI: Low-income people, tell your story, be the leaders, make change happen

One lesson many low-income working (and not-working) people in North Central Wisconsin might have learned from nine months of the Covid pandemic is this: It’s not a good idea to have the employer class, the businessmen’s unions such as Wisc. Manufacturers and Commerce, be the spokespeople for our working class.

You end up with no means of protecting our public health, as the employer class takes over the governing of the state / county / municipalities in the domain of public health. You get a WI Supreme Court whose judges were well-funded into their positions by copious spending by the Wisc. Manufacturers and Commerce and other big business syndicates. That Court then invalidates a Governor’s “safer-at-home” order and then goes further, by fighting other mandates, such as face coverings or limiting number of customers in business establishments and so forth.

The aim of course in all this legal activity was to get businesses all fully open, and compel all their employees back to work so as to maintain the profits stream of the employer class. At the same time the employer class, led by syndicates (business unions) such as the Tavern League, were managing the propaganda war against our poor and low-income workers. In the absence of strong labor unions, the business unions took over the public discourse. So you see today even working people declaring Covid-19 is a hoax; mortality figures are made-up; doctors are declaring all deaths as Covid deaths; wearing masks won’t help; we’re all going to catch the virus, so get used to it; we’re all going to die from something, right?

Then there’s the “freedom-fighter” and “liberty-spreader” contingent, many of these even workers themselves, declaring an absolute, Constitutional right, to freely spread the virus anywhere they please. The employer class is ecstatic, to have their own volunteer propaganda team out spreading lies and false narratives. Saves them money. They don’t even have to pay these volunteer lobbyists.

Meanwhile… the pandemic recession motors on. Most recent Dept. of Labor report for Nov. 21, 2020 showed 778,000 new unemployment claims in the nation. North-Central Wisconsin has its share of these. So, even the best efforts of the employer class to keep the profits flowing, isn’t working quite as well as they had planned.

If you’re a low-income, out-of-work, disabled or elder person unable to live a first-world life in north-central Wisconsin on the income you have, maybe it’s time to become your own spokesperson and unite with thousands of other poor folks into a fighting political force to end this problem of peak inequality. Ditch the employer class as your spokesman, and become your own spokesperson.

First step in that is to get your story told. If you take part in any conversations about the economy and your own situation, in social media, or in the mass media pages which have comments section, you’ve found yourself stigmatized, right?

People will ridicule you for being poor.
“That’s your own fault.”
“You should have studied welding instead of sociology. Then you’d be making the big bucks, like I am.”
“You’re just lazy. There’s jobs all over the place. I saw a Help Wanted sign at Kwik-Trip just yesterday.”
“Maybe if you wouldn’t have had kids you wouldn’t have to worry about supporting them as a single mom.”
“If you ended up homeless, you’re just stupid.”
“I’m not letting YOU PEOPLE shut down my business again. I built this business, you didn’t.”
“You should be grateful your boss lets you keep working even when you’re sick. You need the income don’t you?”

And so on. If you want to get your story told, without being subject to the stigmatizing and ridicule that happens to poor folks in a small community where everyone seems to know your business, you can jot down your ideas in an email and use a pseudonym or (Anonymous) and we’ll put them up here on the blog. Be sure to explain how you think that your situation can be improved and what governments–your city, village, town, County, your State and Federal– should be doing to help elevate your status out of inequality. Tell your own story, UNstigmatize your own self.

Just shoot an email here:

Be your OWN “think-tank” thinker. Study complicated economics stories. Delve into case-studies where poorer communities are making their own change. And start organizing. We need all sorts of organizations that fight for the basic needs of people. Here’s a good how-to book from Labor Notes that will help get you started. It’s focused on labor union organizing but the same principles work in both community and labor organizing.

Available from Labor Notes, click link.