Who really Runs Vos, Fitzgerald, and Walker?

It’s not just Voss, Walker and Fitzgerald

As we wait for the inevitable signing of the Republican power grab Bill by the out going Governor, what we should be asking is who really controls Voss, Walker and Fitzgerald and the rest of the GOP and who is really in charge of the Wisconsin Manufactures & Commerce (WMC)?

1. President of WMC, Kurt R. Bauer

2. John Menard of Menards and Diane Hendricks of ABC Supply

John Menard, Jr.                              Diane Hendricks, (R) with her errand boy, Scott Walker

Kurt Bauer is just a pimp for the two richest people in Wisconsin who hold sway over the WMC and GOP—Menards and Hendricks. Bauer influences Voss, Fitzgerald and Walker in order to preserve Menard and Hendricks wealth in the future by influencing Wisconsin’s economy so that it will always benefit these two oligarchs.

By making sure WMC members get most major state contracts, Hendricks and Menards will be the ones supplying WMC contractors so that boondoggle deals like Foxconn get done and bring them wealth.

Exposing these oligarchs to protect democracy is part of the struggle people. Walker is signing this Bill for them, not the people of Wisconsin

–Robert Miranda

Update: December 8, 2018 by Robert Miranda

One key provision of the power grab GOP bill Walker’s Republican Party is pressing forward with is to stop for 9 months any attempt by Governor elect Tony Evers to change the make up of Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). This is important to the oligarchs who support the GOP and Walker because the oligarchs have interests in state construction projects (Foxconn for example) still being developed. Diane Hendricks of ABC Supply and John Menard of Menards don’t want to have their projected hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from these state construction projects still being developed undermined by Evers’ new WEDC appointments. These oligarchs and the Republican Party are willing undermine democracy to preserve the future wealth of their oligarch donors.

Update, by Robert Miranda
Dec. 9, 2018

Now that we know from the horses mouth, State Senator Scott Fitzgerald letting cat out of the bag during interview with Mike Gousha, that the power grab Bill is nothing more than an attempt by the Republicans to prevent Governor elect Tony Evers from gumming up state contracts being developed within the oligarch cash cow state agency known as the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). We should be asking what state construction projects are in the WEDC pipeline, and whether any of those companies or executives donated money to Walker, Fitzgerald or Voss and how much did these donors donate.