Comment from incoming State Senator Jeff Smith on the GOP Power Grab

“I heard in an editorial “the Democrats would do it if they were in the same position to.”

WRONG!!! I was here in 2010 under similar circumstances with a Democratic majority in a lame duck session. The only thing considered was verifying state employee contracts that had been negotiated (like they always were then) and needed final legislative approval (like they always did then).

NO POLICY change was even considered. Say what you want about Governor Doyle but he told me he respected the office of governor too much to make changes to the power of the office. Remember how frustrated many were when Doyle chose to let Walker refuse the high speed rail money before he even took office?

What happened in Wisconsin this week is corruption at the highest level and every Republican who voted for it and anyone who supports their vote should be ashamed of themselves. They need to pay the price of expulsion in the next election. Now we will see how much respect Walker has for the office he has held for 8 years. Flood his office with calls and tell him to respect the will of the people and the office he was so honored to serve in.”

(h/t to Kerri L. Smith Bruss for capturing Sen. Smith’s comment)