Wisconsin Assembly Rep Subeck’s Bill on Housing First for Homeless people

Representative Lisa Subeck, Wisconsin Assembly District 78, has this set of Bills to bring the Housing First concept into Wisconsin’s statutes, and thus introduce Wisconsin to the 21st century on questions of housing for persons who are under severe economic stress.

Housing First Package Release 5-08-17 Subeck

If you would like to see these bills now in their “Assembly Bill” form, go on Lisa Subeck’s official page and select the highlighted numbers.


6/7/2017: 2017 Assembly Bill 376
Relating to: eviction prevention grants.

6/7/2017: 2017 Assembly Bill 378
Relating to: a study of affordable housing financing.

6/7/2017: 2017 Assembly Bill 380
Relating to: providing housing vouchers to individuals and families on a waiting list under the federal Housing Choice Voucher Program.

6/7/2017: 2017 Assembly Bill 377
Relating to: transitional housing grants and making an appropriation. (FE)

6/7/2017: 2017 Assembly Bill 379
Relating to: case management services for recipients of federal housing choice vouchers.