Dimensions of Homelessness in Stevens Point, WI

It’s nearly November, 2022 and seems like time to re-visit this post from 2017. Not much has changed, by the way.

At our September meeting of Central Wisconsin Green Party, we invited two people who know the most about homelessness in our city and school district. We heard from Tiffani Krueger of the Evergreen Community Initiatives, who organized and ran a warming center for homeless folks last winter, and will do so again this winter. And we learned a lot form Jerry Gargulak, School Psychologist for Stevens Point Area Schools, a District with over 7,400 students (School District’s “Third Friday Count for 9/16/16).

Here are a few video segments of the discussion that night, with some ideas on how to proceed to meet the unmet needs for affordable housing in our County.

The numbers: dimensions of the problem

Part 2: How the credit industries contribute to the problem (The “Credit-Score Problem”)

Part 3: What are viable alternatives in the community?

Part 4: How can homeless people self-organize to rise up out of homelessness? Unions, co-operatives, mutual aid?