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CannabisHoophouseWisconsin Green Party’s Platform contains

58. Legalize and regulate the cultivation, sale, possession, and use of marijuana.

62. Our justice system must attach equal importance to justice for white-collar criminals, including environmental violators of our common property. Corporate executives should be held personally responsible for the consequences of their corporate actions.

Are you are a strong “Legalize It!” advocate but you live in a Wisconsin Assembly or State Senate District with a GOP (Greedy Oligarchs’ Party) non-Representative who consistently opposes legalization of cannabis?

Perhaps you should consider running for election as a Green Party candidate for your District?  Central Wisconsin, home of our local chapter, is a political wasteland with seven Assembly Districts nonrepresented by members of the Greedy Oligarchs’ Party (GOP) and just one District with a Progressive representative.



We are constantly searching for people who will advance the principles and key values of the Green Party by running on these principles. The GOP violates these principles with every new law they seek to pass.

Drug Policy Alliance: A Brief History of the Drug War

If running for election is not your thing, but you would like to support people who want to run and to highlight the need to finally end Dick Nixon’s War on Drugs / War on the Poor, you can contribute $4.20 by clicking the button below. This is a LOCAL chapter fundraiser.

These donations will be devoted to the candidates and to cover costs of printing and mailing educational, agitational and organizational pieces direct to the People. If enough funds can be raised, then brief radio ads can be run on locally-run, community-based stations, which highlight some of the key values and pillar principles of the People. Social media ads are sometimes effective, and they too cost money, in small amounts.

(Or, you can choose to donate more on this Paypal button).