Here are some short loops of music which you can download and include in any musical projects you may have. We’re going to start with .wav files unless these and up taking too much storage space on the domain.

These will be labeled somewhat acccording to the “genre” although you may take issue with the genre-labeling, in which case use them however you find them useful. Most are made using FL Studio version 20.0

House and progressive house

Synth-Arpeggios and  Pads, Sequencers etc. Use in breaks or intros either with or without drum patterns & other instruments. These should all loop seamlessly, as checked in both FL Studio and Audacity.

“Acid house” chords C, Amin, 16 bars, 128 Beats Per Minute (BPM)

Percolating-type arp, same chord sequence, 16 bars, 128 BPM

Organ-sounding intro, same chords C, Amin etc. 16 bars 128 BPM.

Loud “gated-synth” intro or main lead in Dminor, 8 bars, 16 sec. 120 BPM

“Perc’ing” synthin intro or even bassline, same as above, 8 bars, 16 sec 120BPM

FM Synth. sound, 120BPM, 32sec, Key Bmin-use as a lead line perhaps.

DRUM Loops/rhythm loops, Prog. or Deep House
Kick, hi-hat, perc & synth Emin, 128 BPM for 16 bars


Same loop with 8-bar chords intro, Emin. 128 BPM 24 bars (46 seconds)

“Acid House” bassline or lead line with a percussive feel

“Big Room” type lead lines, symphonic or cinematic leads for Progresssive House

A bold “gated synth” style lead for 30 sec. at 128 BPM Key D (maj.)