In 2010, a number of cities in Portage, Marathon, and Lincoln Counties, Wisconsin sent their leaders to a series of meetings to do a study on an intercity bus system. This 42-page, clearly-written and easy-to-read document is the result of those meetings between Merrill, Marathon City, Wausau, Mosinee, Marshfield, Stevens Point and Wisconsin Rapids.

In early 2011, the new One-Party regime which had swept to power in the November 2010 elections saw fit to disable localities in Wisconsin from forming such multi-County Regional Transit Authorities as this study was done to create. There was no rational justification for disabling Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs)

Publishing this study here is one of many steps in a process of building a Citizens’ Alliance for Regional Transit Authorities, to re-enable multi-County and multi-municipality Regional Transit Authorities, and to ultimately break up the One-Party corporate-run state which is blocking all efforts to make Wisconsin sustainable.


This, and many other citizens’ initiatives, will be the beginnings of a long push-back and break-up of One-Party rule in Wisconsin.  We have a democracy crisis in this state, and we’re going to overcome that and the people will prevail.

Central WI Intercity Bus Feasibility Study 2010