Minerals are the New Oil-But Which Ones? -Simon Michaux

The following is a slide show presentation from United Nations Resource Management System, UNRMS, in November, 2021. The full PDF file is archived here on the blog at this link. Because these are screenshots, you can’t copy-paste text slices from the slides.

or, you can source it

from this link

at United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, UNECE.

NOTE: In order to understand better the meaning of data such as “6,000 Terawatt-hours or TWh,” use this conversion to “Quadrillion BTUs (British Thermal Units) from Kyle’s Converter online. The U.S. economy consumes about 36.5 Quadrillion BTUs annually from petroleum; about 28 Quads of that for transportation. Or, 8,200 TeraWatt-hours.