MLK: We Shall Overcome House Remix

It’s the time of year again to reflect on the words and deeds of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
As an old-ass white Boomer who grew up in the era of Martin Luther King speeches, for our generation, the “freedom struggle” was all about the Freedom Riders, heading South on buses to break down segregation and demand equality for black people. And many of the Freedom Riders, themselves white folks, endured the battering from the police and angry white mobs in the Deep South of that era. “Free At Last!” was the aspiration cry of those times.

This mix was downloaded in a 3-hour show from Milwaukee School of Engineering radio, around the turn of the century. In those times, there was no Soundcloud; no Spotify, no twitch-TV streaming services, so you downloaded long-ass tracks and ripped them and saved the parts you wanted. This aired on one of Bob Martinez’s morning shows, and the house mix itself was done by Haz DJs…