Tracks in need of vocals

In electronic music today I find there’s always room for more socially-conscious to downright radical tunes to be made. Popular music — including some hiphop — has a seemingly endless playlist of sexist, even misogynist, tuneage. The section that’s not like that has another seemingly endless playlist of falling in love / breaking up / regretting the breakup tunes. I feel that those areas are well covered already and not in need of more coverage.

What’s lacking is a lot more social consciousness / radical / revolutionary / patriarchy-smashin’ / de-colonizin’ / system-changin’ content. That’s where you come in.

If you’re someone who would go to Open Mic events if Covid ever were over, and read poems or do spoken word, or perhaps sing to a guitar backup or whatever, maybe you’d like to expand your repertoire.

I’m making tracks that could fit into genres like hip-hop or breakbeats or trip-hop, glitch-hop or even house music and other “EDM” genres, without any vocals.

If you would like to collaborate on making full tracks including your vocals, you can right-click on a track and then “save as” an mp3 file in your folder on your drive.

Then you can load that track in a player and synch your rhyming or your spoken word or your singing, whatever you like to do, and then forward it back to go thru further mixing & editing. This is not a pro studio here with pro mixing boards and all of that. I generally strive for that “college house party” level of fidelity. You might call it “lo-fi.”

If you want to participate send an email [mailto:]

Here’s some ideas to get you started. Note that these are all electronic music tracks, that is, no live instruments used, and the synthesizer “voices” used are themselves algorithmic-generated. Generally an electronic music track will have a bassline(s), drum line(s), some chord sequences, arpeggiators or “arps,” often some “pads,” which are synth sounds that form a background or a high range above the lead sounds. There are usually some sort of lead lines, often called “Big Room Leads,” referring to the Big Room in a rave setting where the lead tune rides above all the other tracks. In vocal songs the “big room lead” is your vocal, your song…

Viral melody 20 in key of C Minor. Tempo is 120 beats per minute, for 136 bars.

Viral melody 17 in key of A minor. Uses variable effects in an X-Y (2-effect box) and tracks at 96 beats per minute. Minimalist Psychill / Downtempo track at 96 BPM all made with FL Studio synth voices. Drawn from massively huge folders of FL Studio scores.

Remember Who You Are
Track made from Looperman hip-hop grooves from years gone by. Track beat count is 96 beats per minute with transitions at 4-bar points,

Needs vocals. Your vocals. Song, poem, or spoke word. Add your a capella vocs…use the message function here to get in touch via email, “the only way to communicate in the days of dysfunctioning social media.” contact greenpeoplesmedia(at)gmail(dot)com

(major credits – krp92 )

Viral72 D minor XY Modulate Breakbeats19
made with FL Studio scores and some drum tracks from the folder “Breakbeats 2019” which finally got put to some use.
This track also uses an X-Y effects modulator built-in the synth preset voice, where Y axis is frequency filter, and X axis is resonance of the tones.

What Happens in A Minor, Stays in A Minor
made this over a year ago. Some FL studio scores mashed up with drum tracks. Some use of breakbeats plus ordinary house type beats. The beat tempo appears to be 120 beats per minute by manual count… In the key of A minor. This one uses some cute Pads, along with some “Acid”-type arpeggiators.