The Job Guarantee with Pavlina Tcherneva at Left Forum 2018

#JobGuarantee, not “Job Creation.”

America’s state governments, county governments, and municipal governments are at the mercy of gigantic corporations acting as hostage takers.

Hostage-takers of jobs, that is. The corporations say, give us our demand for $X____ Million in special concessions–tax breaks, a building site, an addition to your technical college to train our workforce, etc.–and we’ll “create” Y____ number of jobs to reduce the level of unemployment misery in your communities.

More often than not, it seems the Y_______ number of jobs never materialize. Sometimes the hostage-taker corporation merely takes the money on the basis of their vague job creation promise, and actually moves out of the area, rather than expanding there.

See the intriguing history of the looting that went on in Walker’s Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) in Wisconsin, by former State Senator Kathleen Vinehout.  In her piece, Ms. Vinehout reports,

“Earlier this year, the Wisconsin State Journal reported that WEDC’s claims of jobs created were based on “faulty calculations”. They went on to report, “The agency gave out almost $90 million more in awards, but the total number of related jobs fell by nearly 6,000.”

“Job creation” has really nothing to do with providing livelihood for our people, and everything to do with plutocrats looting the public treasuries of the nation.

With all the interest being generated in the Green New Deal proposals (there are several afloat on the cyberseas), we think it’s time to abandon the dead paradigm of “job creation” — which serves no one except corporations in their “rent-seeking behavior.”  It’s time instead to take a look at the Job Guarantee proposal of Pavlina Tcherneva.


Here’s Dr. Tcherneva speaking at Left Forum 2018 on her Job Guarantee proposal, a working paper from Levy Institute: