Stephanie Kelton: Modern Monetary Theory at Left Forum 2018

Stephanie Kelton gives a brief introduction to the field of Modern Monetary Theory (searchable in Twitter as #MMT).  It’s also a demolition of some old brittle paradigms left over from conservative think-tanks and politicians. Paradigms such as “pay-as-you go” or “pay-fors,” and the every popular (but incorrect, she says) “find the money” paradigm (e.g., “Where is Bernie going to find the money to give away all those free ponies”).  If you want to explore this field in more detail, search through Dr. Kelton’s Twitter feed, or do a search engine for Modern Monetary Theory.

This video is a segment from the longer video hosted at the Next System Project
at this web address (with transcript).  (Click to go there)





Stephanie Kelton’s Twitter profile:  @StephanieKelton – Prof. of Economics & Public Policy . Was Chief Economist for the Dems on U.S. Senate Budget Committee. Contributor