Convergence of #GreenNewDeal and #JobGuarantee: Stephanie Kelton thread

Got into a set of interesting Twitter threads regarding how the #JobGuarantee programme as envisioned by Pavlina Tcherneva, is in a kind of “symbiosis” or as I’d call it, a “convergence,” with the  Green New Deal concepts as are currently in circulation, coming from both the Green Party U.S. and Alejandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) in the Democratic Party.

The Job Guarantee programme of Tcherneva stored on this blog

The crucial question that is immediately raised regarding the Green New Deal’s Job Guarantee feature is this:

“How are you going to pay for all this free stuff?”

This comes from Republican “deficit hawks” who have fully weaponized the federal budget deficit against America’s working poor, unemployables, disabled persons, the elderly and the very young, pre-working class.  But it also comes from Conservative Dems who have capitulated to the deficit hawks, using the umbrella of “Pay-as-you-go” (or Pay-Go). Pay-go is not the main topic here, so I’d suggest you look that up in your search engines.

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