Overcome the GOP, a new Wisconsin Political Action Committee

MLK: Why we continue to sing “We Shall Overcome”

The activities of the Grabber One Party (GOP) over the past three weeks have finally kicked me in gear to form this Political Action Party I’ve had on the drawing board (actually just this keyboard) for a while:

Overcome the GOP PAC.

–A fully-non-partisan (anyone of any party can join/donate) PAC. Even people who want nothing to do whatsoever with any political party because of prior experiences…

–Which accepts no corporate funds, not even NGOs nor labor unions’ funds

–Dedicated to the value of grassroots democracy

–Dedicated to the value of local government power and autonomy, particularly with respect to environmental and public health protection (e.g., groundwater safety protection)

–Dedicated to the concepts of community-based economic development, not the “corporate-savior” model pursued under Walkerism

–Dedicated to the roll-back and repeal of 180 items restricting local government powers since the Grabber One Party (GOP) was installed with huge flows of corporate money (2010).

–Dedicated to full restoration (and further advancement) of workers’ rights to organize and maintain unions under the Wagner Act protections

–Dedicated to principles of economic justice and social justice for Wisconsin, and ending rampant abuses by the wealthiest actors in Wisconsin politics and economy.

–Dedicated to the broad principles articulated by the Community Rights Movement in the USA.

–It will have a positive vision, a Wisconsin-specific set of programme (European usage) that is dedicated to localizing the #GreenNewDeal and its necessary #JobGuarantee, to Wisconsin economic and political conditions.  Obviously, this cannot be realized until the GOP is reduced to only a minor factor in Wisconsin politics,  unable to affect outcomes in any way.

Please feel free to add your own Principles of Unity to the above core. To do so,

Pioneer Bank of Stevens Point, a community-based bank, will host a bank account for such a committee, with no monthly service fees.

Besides online donations,
Donations may be sent, by check, to

Overcome the GOP
P.O. Box 387
Stevens Point, WI 54481

This proposal is Serious as a Heart Attack, no bullsh**.