“The Nature of Domination — Clint Jones’s Lecture Series at UW-Stevens Point

Clint Jones at UWSP The Nature of Domination 1

What is the moral standing of NON-PET animals?
“…here, we would want to journey back to the rupture of humankind from otherkind.”
“Let us consider Life After Creation. On the 6th day, before God could pronounce everything good, there was a hiccup in the perfection of creation. Adam could not find a suitable companion among the inhabitants of Eden. When God created Adam, he said, “Let us create him in our image.” We can table the “us” aspect, and wonder in what image God created Adam, that Adam was understood to not need a companion.”

Clint Jones at UWSP The Nature of Domination 2

This talk deals with the larger questions…

“Why is there hostility between animals and humans, in early creation mythology?”
“Christian (Roman) creation stories. Greek creation stories. Jewish creation stories. Single-point origin, during the Bronze-Age struggles.
“So the presence of eminity seems especially pertinent. Why are Bronze-Age civilizations giving accounts of this in their cosmology? Their relationships to forms between earlier beings and animals that they encountered, carry over to the more ordered, sendentary civilizations…”

Clint Jones at UWSP The Nature of Domination 3

“Enmeshment” versus “Entanglement.”
It may be the case that the solution to the ecostential crisis lies in the complete rejection of Western culture.