“Consumption and the Nature of Strangeness” -UWSP Fall Discussion Series 2nd session

Video clips from Dr. Clint Jones’s lecture series, Oct. 10 2018, entitled “Consumption and the Nature of Strangeness.”

this session has to do with how under capitalism, we experience our being-in-the-world as consumers (or over-consumers, compulsive consumers, walking-deadlike consumers). Lacking real predators in nature itself, our fear of “strangeness” takes the form of human “monsters,” archetypes of predators which are human yet strangely not.

Lecture series following his last semester series now in a book, “Ecological Reflections on Post-Capitalist Society.” Dr. Jones lectures in Philosophy at UW-Stevens Point and just took over being co-chair of Central Wisconsin Green Party chapter.

Clip 1– (11:38)

Clip 2 – (7:31)

“Fleshing out” the archetypes of our monsters of consumption–vampires, werewolves, zombies.



Clip 3

“If we are to change in a meaningful way, we have to learn how to re-inhabit a space of extreme vulnerability,…that change starts with consuming less. But that too is not enough, because we also have to learn how to consume without the fear of being consumed.”


Clip 4

“If we want to overthrow capitalism, it’s got to start locally, at the level of refusal.”

Clint Jones Consumption and the Nature of Strangeness Q A1

Clip 5

“It can’t just be (consuming) less. That’s not enough. It has to be different, and step outside the capitalist framework, and re-think life, going forward.”

Clint Jones Consumption and the Nature of Strangeness Q A2