Wave of “banning” on Facebook is growing

Update 9/10/2018


Paula D–
Looks like I’m out of Facebook prison just in time for the predicted (false flag) gas attack which FUKUS has been saber-rattling about for the last two months.

Because it is totally logical for Assad, who is about to liberate yet another terrorist-held piece of his country, sending the Syrian army into a hellhole of well-armed and trained (by the US and UK) jihadists, to make the all-important military decision to have Syria be attacked by the full force of NATO.

Why would the small country of Syria, population 18 million, decide to do the one thing that would bring the most massive array of military force ever accumulated on this planet, down on their heads? Just for kicks? Shits and giggles? Just to make it more interesting?

You have to wonder about the reasoning capabilities of anyone who would swallow this.

But on top of that, we are coming up on the annual 9-11 Extravaganza, when we wax indignant about that nasty al Qaeda gang of criminals who hijacked our planes, shut down the entire US military and civilian security apparatus, and killed 3,000 people.

Update 9/6/2018



Update Labor Day 9/3/18
Get the Story here: Facebook Removes Ann Frank Center’s Post Promoting Holocaust Education:

Update Labor Day 9/3/2018


Today we got a Friend Request on Facebook from one “George Orwell.” We were at first skeptix, but then went, “well, it might be legit.”

Reason for the friend request, explained. The George Orwell friend explained…

“It’s Damien as George l…

“I’m banned from Facebook for 30 days.

“A page I was added to as an Admin posted something that breaks community standards. I may have posted to the page once, or twice for boosting a post. I can’t post, like comments, send messages. I tried to appeal the decision but when I tried submitting my appeal Facebook replied: Oops, Something went wrong. So..”
08/27/2018 @ 9:50 CST…

George l is with Damien…
30 mins
Day 2
The Facebook ban continues.

Mary Ann writes, 8/25/2018 (2 hrs ago)

“Fb friend Paula Densnow was banned from Fb for 24 for stating facts about the U.S. supported Nazi government in Ukraine. She was told she violated Fb’s “community standards.” We’ve moved from banning people from expressing their opinions to now banning them for stating actual FACTS.”

Green Party candidate Aaron E. Camacho contested the removal of an item for being “spam” and at least avoided a ban–

If you have experienced a Facebook “ban” or arbitrary removal of content for seemingly no good reason, please share with us via email

Lex (8/25/2018) 42 min. ago
Lex I often share things to “only me” as bookmarks for later reading. Facebook has blocked several of them over the past week.