Wisconsin Green Party: Intro to Candidates at Spring Gathering, April 28 2018

Wisconsin Green Party held the Spring Gathering (state meeting) in Stevens Point, WI on April 28 2018.

Here are some candidate introductions as they presented at the meeting.

Aaron Camacho for Wisconsin State Senate, District 31.
Aaron introduces the parts of her campaign platform.

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Aaron goes through her campaign platform one point at a time. First: “Access to Government” for our people

Campaign platform: American Indian Rights

Aaron’s Campaign: On Education

Aaron talks about our lack of a holistic approach to health care, poor quality of food as a contributor to poor health, problems with the Veterans Administration in Tomah and beyond…

Where’s the money to provide for rural Wisconsin infrastructure?

We need a livable income in Wiscsonsin!
Aaron E. Camacho for Governor, Wisconsin Green Party

Aaron E. Camacho, candidate for Wisconsin State Senate, District 31, at Wisconsin Green Party’s spring meeting -Defend Family Farms!