Future of Environmentalism with Clint Jones, UWSP Philosophy

Full Lecture – Part 1

Here’s Clint Jones, UWSP Professor in Philosophy, on “green, white-ecology, deep ecology, dark ecology, and black ecology,” Lecture Part 1.

(it’s deep)






Lecture – Part 2
“Consider what it is to learn of the death of the last North African white rhinoceros. Where were you? What did you think? How did you feel? Can you really comprehend its extinction? More importantly: Can you empathize with a creature that just lost its being? It was you, after all, that died. It was you that went extinct.”


Question & Answer Session – 1




Question & Answer Session – 2
“The Black Ecologist is going to say something like this…” “You can’t solve a capitalist problem with a capitalist solution,” right? “It was the rhinoceros yesterday; it’ll be you, tomorrow.”



Question & Answer Session – 3

“…You want money, to access power, that’s exactly what you’re after, right? And you’ve been told that that’s success; having money, having power, that’s success. But if you take the profitability out of productivity, and you ask yourself if what you’re doing has value, that’s gonna change the way you think about how you ARE in the world. What you are becoming is what you should be worried about, not what you’re doing at the moment, right?”

“Black Ecology is revolutionary, but it’s not revolutionary, in the way you’ve been taught to think about it. It’s not, you know, in the streets, you know, fighting tear gas and trying to take The Man down by the throat while he’s trying to shoot you with rubber bullets, right? It’s re-thinking, how to co-exist. How to exist, not just interpersonally, right, but in a sort of intra-being sort of way, right? With other beings…”





Q & A part 4

“Most of our entertainment is apocalyptic. Most of the way you think about the world is apocalyptic, right? We always live on the precipice of the End Times…So how do you pull yourself back from the brink, right? I think it’s a lot of work.”