UWSP Student Govt Assoc-Katrina Shankland Listening Session

As promised, “Film at 11”

At tonight’s Listening Session with UWSP-SGA + Assembly Rep Shankland’s Listening Session at UWSP, regarding the “tech-schoolization” of UW-Stevens Point.**

Ivy Engwall gets Segment 1, because she’s an officer in UWSP College Green Party so I’m bias… (first 25 seconds are blurry because I’m not a videographer…)



**”Tech-schoolization” is a project of the Grover Norquist-Scott Walker-WIsco GOP one-party regime in Wisconsin since elections 2010. It re-defines the mission of the UW system as serving the workforce needs of Wisco-corporations.

Segment 2 features Rick Christofferson, an active person in Portage County Democratic Party and progressive groups in central Wisconsin.


Segment 3, first part Dan ___________, second part,  is Karlene Ferrante, who’s also an active person in central Wisconsin progressive activities.

Segment 4:

Savannah _______ speaking first. Mike ___________, a teacher, speaks second.

Segment5: Ann Stein.

Lenore Hitchler’s rap on the “new UWSP” plan, last evening.

Part 7 of the listening session.
The Cameraman speaks. Has to drag Karl Marx into the discussion. That’s so “Humanities!”

Segment 8: Abby

Segment 9: Adam Greuel: “Where is Bernie Patterson? And where is Greg Sommers?”

A Mathematics Major speaks out on the need for Liberal Arts majors, too!