Subversion and Environment: Marx and the Community Gardens Movement

Some video clips from “Subversion and the Environment,” talks by Professor Clint Jones, UW-Stevens Point, given March 7, 2018 at UW-Stevens Point. Series sponsored by College Green Party at UW-SP.

Subversion and the Environment IIa – Religion, Capitalism, Dominating Nature

Clint Jones delves into the religious underpinnings of capitalism as an ideological pillar for systematic domination and subordination of the environment to the needs of the capitalists.

Subversion and Environment IIb Alienation, the Urban-Rural Divide, Marx’s Environmental blind Spot

Clint Jones considers Marx’s blind spot on natural and the environment, reconciling that with his idea that only by uniting urban and rural could real communal life be achieved, free from the dominance of Capital.

Subversion and Environment IIc Community Gardens, NeoMarxism, Eco Resistance

UW-Stevens Point Philosophy Professor Clint Jones uses the popular institution of community gardens as a hint of a post-capitalism future, informed by the ideas of Karl Marx and Greek philosopher Epicurus.