Mike McCabe’s points on a Clean Government for Wisconsin

Mike McCabe is one of many candidates to be running in the Democratic Party Primary for Governor of Wisconsin. Here are his points on moving towards clean and open government in this state:

” * Create full disclosure of political donations and election spending, and set tighter limits on campaign contributions that are a quarter of what current state law allows.

* Update Wisconsin’s conflict of interest law to prevent state public officials from taking actions benefiting donors who have contributed more than $1,000 to their campaign committees or spent more than $5,000 on election advertising favoring the officials.

* Take redistricting out of the hands of elected officials who stand to benefit from the legislative district boundaries they draw and assign the task to an independent, nonpartisan legislative service agency in a process modeled after Iowa’s system.

* Restore independent oversight of elections and government ethics by replacing party-affiliated elections and ethics commissioners with a nonpartisan agency headed by a board whose members cannot belong to a political party and cannot endorse or financially support candidates for partisan office.

* Bring back civil service protections for government hiring to ensure those getting state positions are chosen based on what they know and not who they know.

* Repeal discriminatory voter suppression measures such as Wisconsin’s Voter ID law.”

– Mike McCabe, Wisconsin governor candidate’s “plan for freeing state government from the clutches of cronyism, corruption and what amounts to legal bribery of state officials.”