Searching for Wisconsin Legislator Scorecard pages–got any?

Anyone know what grassroots orgs, NGOs, unions etc. have good Legislator Scorecards?

Looking for a scorecard on Nancy VanderMeer, 70th Assembly. Which covers big parts of Portage County.

We have this, from Sierra Club, John Muir Chapter, on Nancy’s, Spiros’s (Marshfield) and Peterson’s (Waupaca) voting scores. Spiros and Peterson are total zeros, while Nancy eked out a 1/14th of a score.

My prelim. research indicates that a lousy score on environmental justice issues? Generally means a lousy score on social justice issues (equality, Louisiana-style incarceration rate for black youths, etc.), coupled with a lousy score on economic justice issues (adequate wages, equality of income, etc.)

Just post any suggestions by email: