HOUNDING WOLVES IN WISCONSIN: A Reactionary Suburban-Man Phony “Sport” in Wisconsin

Still relevant today, as we anticipate “Toxic Tommy Tiffany” led State Senate Committee “not-hearing” on Tuesday Jan 16 at the Wisconsin Capitol.

Huge thanks to Melissa Smith for alerting us to this…

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 28, 2015


(Madison, WI) Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, released a twenty-minute documentary film today, “DOGS OF WAR” on YouTube, about the culture of hounding in Wisconsin. The film’s subject is about how using hounds to track, capture and kill all sorts of wildlife disrupts other users, violates the endangered species act and is literally state sanctioned dog fighting. The footage in the film is taken in Wisconsin. A former warden, too afraid to reveal his identity, politicians, wildlife specialists, farmers and hunters are interviewed in the film.

The film goes into great depth regarding depredation payments, captive penning, and the use of hounds on wildlife. Even if you aren’t partial to wolves, it’s a must see, especially in light of the current status of wolves and it’s lack of enforcement of hound harassment, trespass and violation of the law. To this date, no inspections have been done since 2009 on any penning facility by the DNR or any violations by use of dogs to kill wildlife and yet, our legislation overwhelmingly passed the Hunter Harassment bill which sought to document exactly these practices in this film. We believe that certain hunting groups, especially the Wisconsin Bear Hunter Association have used political influence to skirt the law.

Joel Kleefisch (R) , who heads the assembly committee on natural resources and has been now found in his 3rd violation of illegal hunting, said in a recent hearing “ If you believe it’s ok for predatory packs of wolves to chase, hunt and kill animals to live, why not afford the same fulfillment to the life of hounds who are bred to do that and the purpose of their existence is to chase, catch, conquer and kill their prey. If it breathes, it bleeds”.

This practice of allowing dogs contact with wildlife is against not only DNR regulations but against the law. When the hound hunters wanted to use dogs to hunt wolves, they testified that the dogs are trained not to engage. But we know from the THOUSANDS of videos on youtube, eyewitnesses, veterinary reports and our own documentation that it’s simply not true. Both dogs and wildlife pay the price for this bloodsport. Not to mention private property owners.

As Melissa Smith, producer of the film says “ In the Walker Administration’s last budget bill, the license to run dogs or “train” was eliminated. Bait is everywhere and unregulated. We literally have thousands of dogs trained to fight and kill animals running loose on the natural landscape and have wildlife being held in pens to be fought. If this was any other group of citizens, say of urban Milwaukee, engaged in these practices, it would be banned today. But since it’s dog fighting under the guise of hunting, everything seems to be permitted. It’s time to expose what hounding of wildlife looks like and ban this practice permanently. It’s not hunting, it’s bloodsport and trophy killing”

The film is produced by Melissa Smith and directed, edited and filmed by trevor Triggs at Duckworks Media. You can watch the film directly on our website or go to our youtube link: https://youtu.be/6VbmJKgAiGQ

Contact: Melissa Smith, Executive Director, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, wiforwolves@gmail.com, 608-234-8860, www.fofww.org
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