Refoundation Caucus of Democratic Socialists of America has Independent Socialist Electoral Strategy

The Refoundation Caucus, described as the Radical Left Caucus of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), has this proposal for their independent, socialist electoral strategy.  Green Party local chapters should be aware of this proposal to see how they may be interacting with DSA in different ways than in the past.  Here are a few of the main recommendation points. You can click the blue link for the full document, From Refoundation:

“Below is a list of the main Summary of Recommendation points. The full document can be found here: Towards an Independent Socialist Strategy for DSA Electoral Work

“A Break from the Democratic Party

“Our organization should begin taking steps to move away from Harrington’s vision of DSA as being a pressure group on the Democratic Party. The DSA should seek to decrease and eventually cease the endorsement of Democratic Party candidates in favor of running socialists independently in order to build real working class political power and to establish a permanent base constituency. Such a base constituency can only be established by breaking from the capitalist two-party system.

“A Vision for a Mass Working Class, Socialist Party

The vision of DSA working with other organizations and movements to build a working class party with independent socialist political power should be a goal that we strive for in the long term. Such a party cannot be created overnight; however, we should begin to lay the foundations for the type of party we envision now. This means rooting the organization in strategic base-building work nationally and reorienting our electoral work toward much more strategic aims which help build real independent political power.

“Prioritizing Base-Building Over Electoral Efforts

In order to prepare for long-term development of a mass working class party, we must build a base constituency for socialism through struggle alongside and organization of the working class. Building a base constituency today is a step towards a long term goal of building a mass party. Undue emphasis on elections could be detrimental to the broader project of building the socialist movement. Our already scarce resources need to be utilized strategically in a way that builds our base and that builds independent working class power.

“Prioritizing Ballot Questions over Candidate Campaigns

As a tactic for base-building, political education, and actually winning reforms, ballot questions (also known as measures) sidestep some of the more complicated aspects of candidate campaigns for direct engagement on an issue. Ballot question campaigns should be prioritized in electoral work as a way to center our socialist politics.”

The whole Refoundation paper where these excerpts came from, may be found at this link.