Thinking of Oprah for President? Check in with Black Agenda Report, First

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Just to be nitpicky, we disagree with Black Agenda Report’s mis-use of the term “class” when describing a political bloc. “Class” in political economy is defined by a historically-determined segment of society’s relationship to the means of production in that society. So, we refer to a “working class” who do not own the means of production to any meaningful degree, and a “ruling class” who do own those means of production.  Chris Hedges makes the same error in using the term “liberal class.” But, that’s just nitpicky of us.

Here’s some thoughts from Black Agenda Report that may inform your thinking about Oprah’s role in U.S. politics all of a sudden.

1. “The Pioneering Critique of the Black Misleadership Class: E. Franklin Frazier’s The Black Bourgeoisie”
Dr. Matthew Quest, 09 Nov 2017, Black Agenda Report

2. “What E. Franklin Frazier’s Black Bourgeoisie Says to Us 60 Years Later, Part 2”
Dr. Matthew Quest, 15 Nov 2017, Black Agenda Report

3. “The Validity and Usefulness of the Term “Black Misleadership Class”
Glenn Ford, BAR executive editor 04 Jan 2018