Sean Duffy’s “Hunger and Homelessness Summit” clever disguise for Operation Austerity

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this made me Chuckle Out Loud (COL)

“Expert” Panelists include:

Deputy Secretary Tom Engels, Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Senator Tom Tiffany, WI 12th Senate District
Rep. Pat Snyder, WI 85th Assembly District & Chair of Task Force on Foster Care

Pat Snyder, on his show “Feedback,” used to constantly poor-shame and ridicule people getting benefits of any sort. He tolerated some of the most vicious callers who called in with extreme Wassuh Tea Party bullshit. There’s one of your “experts.”

The whole thing is a GOPropaganda Rally, is all it is.

Tom TIffany is an “Expert” in raising money from Mining Corporations.

Other than that, not much use for much of anything, that guy.

 The Keynote Speakers should make every poor person in the region cringe and recoil in horror.

What they have planned for Hungry and Homeless people is an Austerity Project “the likes of which America has never seen” (as trump likes to say).

You heard it here first. This “Summit” is a fraud, a sham, a scam, pure propaganda, a towering mound of bullshit, and so forth.

Read about Duffy’s “Hunger and Homelessness Summit.” And weep.