Understanding the Community Rights Movement: “We, the People 2.0” Director

Here are some short clips of Leila Conners, Director of the independent film “We, the People 2.0,” explaining some of the core concepts of the Community Rights movement on the Wes Clark, Jr. show.

“We, the People 2.0” is a 90-minute-plus film that covers the work of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) and their concept of a Community Rights movement–the rights of communities, the rights of nature, against the “rights” of Corporations in these United States. The film is available for sale, and supports the work of the film-makers, so we don’t post copied sections of the film for that reason.

We The People 2 0 Interview: Poor Communities as Sacrifice Zones

We The People 2 0 Interview Pt 2- People Want it to be OK

We The People 2 0 Interview Pt 3- A lot easier to buy off a State House

We the People 2 0 Interview Pt 4- Corporations are Not People