Support Black Snake Killas: Recognize Your Privelege & Throw Down

This just in, from a person fighting the Dakota Access pipeline with the Red Warriors Camp at Standing Rock, North Dakota.
We have known this writer for 8 years now and
she is super-legit. This is not some sketchy article of criticism,
but reflects what many in the Red Warriors Camp have been saying too.–Editors

Support Black Snake Killas: Recognize Your Privelege & Throw Down

People on and connected to the Standing Rock reservation have been fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline actively on the literal front lines since August, and resistance encampments have been in place since April, the first being on Ladonna Brave Bull Allard’s land on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation; further research shows that the evil schemes to lay pipe and drill under the river have also been in the ether of business suggestion since 2013…

At this current critical juncture, however, the DAPL pipeline is over 97% done in so-called North Dakota, and Water Protectors-not protestors- on the front line are in dire straights throwing their resources, bodies, and litigation at DAPL construction, workers, investors, and all their brain-washed lackey-affiliates. There are almost 600 pending cases where charges have been filed against water protectors for defending the land, what’s sacred, and of course the water (in this immediate case, the Missouri and Cannonball River).

Much has changed since early August, when Water Protectors were still given dispersal orders by the state/police, as well as “allowed” to be marginally close to ongoing work to “protest” it, for better or worse. Now, no dispersal orders are given; if you are deemed to close, “close” being an arbitrary concept decided upon by Morton County Police on-site, one can expect to be tear-gassed, water-cannoned, shot with rubber bullets, experience flash-bangs, taserd, experience physical beating with billy clubs, etc., and as usual these acts are often felt more intensely or violently by people of color (POC).

Dozens of Water Protectors were hospitalized after being tortured with water horses and less-lethal firearms Nov.20th, due to their alleged advance on the drill that would bore under the Missouri River allowing space for the pipeline to be completed in North Dakota(owned and operated by Michels Corp.; based out of Milwaukee, WI).

With that being said, there are many camps within the larger camp of Oceti Sakowin resisting the pipeline in different ways, but Red Warrior Camp has been actively throwing down the longest, and needs support; cash money and vehicles would be most helpful (delivered in-persyn).

NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) and all their baggage and self-interest are not helpful, neither is activist tourism. People- especially non-indigenous settlers that only come for short periods of time, are eating up resources and taking up space literally and metaphorically! If you are coming out to Standing Rock, check your privilege and see if you can help more brown and black comrades also get out here, or bring their resistance groups resources, including YOUR physical body (or a bunch of you that are tight and can operate together comfortably and effectively, also called an “affinity group”) to put on the line… once again ESPECIALLY if you are a settler.

“White” though a colonized term, is an identity that gives people privilege, and coming out there in mobs of “white” people definitely shifts and weighs on camp dynamics; be accountable and responsible for yourselves; do not burden other people with white guilt words or actions. It is helpful to be up front about your experience in POC (persons of color) spaces or not, but if you are that socially inept or don’t have much to contribute in the realms of resources or arrestability, STAY HOME AND DO SOLIDARITY ACTIONS- FUCK YOUR BANNER DROPS- SHUT SHIT DOWN- especially on Thanks Killing and Black FRYday! Attack banks, bridges, railroads, etc.!

If you want to support resistance camps or Red Warrior monetarily it is better to bring cash in persyn, or send it via mail; please message Red Warrior’s Facebook page for more info, updates and directive!

DO NOT contribute to the spreading liberalism disease; “peace police” are not wanted or needed on the front line- if you have chosen to NOT “protect” yourself or the land, your opinions about tactics or HOW others should do that are null and void. While a diversity of tactics is STILL viable, real, and helpful, i.e. prayer, lock-downs, blockades, etc., they can all work in tandem; people ACTIVELY resisting are also often seen as ANSWERED or WALKING prayers.
DO NOT contribute to the disease of activist tourism, especially if you have a colonizer/settler background (AKA especially “white” folks (though the term and concept of “white” should be actively dismantled over time as well!)). No one is homogenous, so neither should be our actions, donations, or solidarity efforts. Do your own research, make your own decisions, but also realize that many groups are “fronting” as front-liners, and many groups are having a series of access issues to funds raised on go-fund-me’s, so bring it straight to the front lines of you can, or mail it. GREAT updates and ideas can also be read and seen on the West Coast Women Warrior Media Cooperative Facebook.

Decolonize your mind; we are here to build life-long relationships for the revolution happening now, as well as all the other insurrectionary-awesome things to come in the future; there will be more black snakes to fight, but there is currently STILL a struggle happening around the black snake slithering through so-called North Dakota, and it’s up to you to answer the call to solidarity where you are, and offer resources monetarily, and especially vehicle wise (once again in-persyn is BEST; Go-Fund-Me’s = issues!)

The long-term nature of our struggles is also dependent on GREAT prisoner support, as well as creative methods of movement and protection for our resistors hanging tight and throwing-down grassroots-style. Think about offering your land to struggles literally, and also as a place of refuge for rebellious comrades that need it… Especially wit Trump in office shit is only going to get exponentially worse, especially for our undocumented comrades… If you have technical skills and/or connections (including activist lawyers that are down-as-fuck) that can help all our comrades stay “free” as long as possible, we need you not only on the front lines, but to organize in your communities! This is not a one-time shot; the outcome of the DAPL struggle in modern-day so-called North Dakota will set the precedent for many struggles to come in the future.

Last message to liberals or liberals hopefully converting to more rad tactics and ways of being: Fuck your “real” jobs, or at least use your privilege to help fund our revolution- we are all in this together, and we cannot “vote with our dollar” on this one… we NEVER could, but as the veil of privilege is slowly realized, hopefully all will and can see that corporations, especially the many coming together to build this Dakota Access Pipeline do not care about the law or some petty fines; they will keep soldiering through their work and injuring water protectors to get the job done; they are sociopaths, and we need to cost them HELLA LOTS of money to make an impact on their decisions and actions; we need to literally help them run out of resources.

Thank you to all fellow front liners and what you have contributed; in struggle together forever for a better world for all, not just for the rich and predominantly white few.

In Struggle for the Wild-
The Faceless yet Effective Frontline
…AKA wear a fucking mask if you want to do rad shit for a lifetime- surveillance is real, and so is state repression; up your “security culture”, or google that phrase if you do not know what that is or what it means.