The Donald has trumped.

The Donald has trumped.
(Originally posted in Marxist Glossary Discussion)
Trump seeks his brand of fascism 3.0. The first form of American fascism consolidated after the Northern victory in the Civil War (1865). The Civil War overthrew the Slave Oligarchy, emancipated the black slaves and sought to establish the bourgeois democratic form of government in the South and deep South. Before the war, the slave states were anti-democratic, and America was being ruled by the dictates of 300,000 slaveholders. After the Slave Oligarchy took a horrific defeat on the battlefield, they surrendered. New governments were established called Reconstruction governments. Their purpose was to build a new South based on bourgeois democracy and the wage-labor system.
The death of Lincoln changed things, and Southern sympathizers came to power which ended Reconstruction. Representatives of Wall Street financial capitalism struck a deal with the old Southern slave masters, who now appeared as the landlord planter class, and the deal brought the period of radical Reconstruction of the South to an end.
Northern troop were removed from the South and the federal government turned a blind eye to outright murder of civilians. The reactionary political degenerates were allowed to overthrow the legal bourgeois democratic government and to institute a fascist form of rule. The overthrow of the democratic governments was extremely violent and left just as many dead bodies on the ground as on the fields of Gettysburg. The lynch rope became the symbol of the reactionary South.
The overthrow of the democratic Reconstruction governments ushered in fascism 1.0, the first fascist state in world history. The battle cry of the fascists then was to fight “corruption” in government and redeem the greatness of the South. In other words, “to make the South great again.” The movement was called Redemption. The Trump administration will probably name their movement redemption or restoration or something to resurrect our country’s violent past, cast it in a false favorable light, and drown the world proletarian movement in a sea of blood.
This first North American fascist form of state lasted up to the Second World Capitalist War and was fundamentally overthrown by the Civil Rights Movement.
American fascism 2.0 refers to changes in the form of the state in the old plantation South in the post World War II period. These changes were brought about as the result of the Civil Rights Movement and manifested the entry of blacks into the bottom of the industrial social order. Some of the features of the fascist form of the state stayed intact in the deep Southern, formerly slave holding states, and depended on the ability of the social movement to desegregate the police force and local governments. Fascism is a political form of the capitalist state and it can be argued that the core former slave states have tittered between a fascist state form and a reactionary bourgeois democracy, depending on ones emphasis. At any rate, American fascism 2.0 belongs to the era of industrialism and the general period of history that ushered in European fascism.
Fascism 2.0 (the police state) has always lurked beneath the veneer and platitudes of bourgeois democracy and republican form of electoral politics. If one was in Clarkdale, Tchula or Jackson, Mississippi, it was fascism 2.0. If one was in Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago or Detroit, it was the police state as a reactionary bourgeois democracy.
American fascism 3.0 develops in correspondence with the robotics revolution, globalization and growth of the mega-corporation and the mega-corporate state.
The Donald is part of the recasting of private property (wealth) in a new environment that is destroying the old world which constituted humanity’s pre-history. This old world and its last stage of development was driven by the industrial revolution and private ownership of the means of production. During all stages of our pre-history, private ownership of the means of production was built on appropriation of the surplus product. The surplus products were created by human labor and their private appropriation was the meaning of economic exploitation in all class based societies.
What we are witnessing is not simply the destruction of capitalism but the end of all systems based on exploitation of human labor through the private property relations. Private property is the ownership of things that allow deployment of labor in production and the private appropriation of the surplus products created by the working class. The creation of the surplus product arose before the value-producing system and set the foundation for the rise of private property, the state and all forms of labor-based exploitation. Robotics, the ability to produce things in the absence of human labor, brings all labor-based systems and their metrics to an end.
American fascism 3.0 arises in this new environment of robotics and destruction of labor-based systems of production. In this new environment, the Donald virtually destroyed the Republican Party and overturned the old Clinton-Obama bloc in favor of his peculiar Trump brand of transnational capitalism and the new transnational fascist state. The transnational state and the new world of globalized robotic economy face everyone, whether they are capitalist, socialist or communist. The Trump brand strives to represent the interest of capital that took shape based on the 2008 financial crisis and seeks to include elements of the Russian and China state into the new globalized world system.
The theme of the Trump brand has thus far been to make America great . . . again, which means an attempt to recast the old post Civil War Redemption Movement based on the new robotic economy. Hence, the Second Redemption movement and fascism 3.0.
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