Vigil for Unity – UW-Stevens Point WI, Nov 17 2016

Recently, with the race to elect the Bully-in-Chief, people with intolerance, bullying propensities, overt racism, xenophobia (fear of “foreigners”) and LGBTQ phobias have been escalating incidents against UW-Stevens Point students.  On and off campus.

Ta Xiong, Bryan Richamond, the Chancellor’s office, Latino Student Alliance, Native American student orgs, the UWSP Student Government Association and others decided to hold a one-hour vigil, with testimonies, no November 17 2016. These are some videos from the Vigil for Unity.

Part 1 :  University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point Chief Diversity Officer Al Thompson, Jr, Student Government Association President John Peralta, and Ta Xiong, co-organizer of this event.

Part 2 : Sophie, on the situation faced by Trans people on campus/off campus in (Anytown, USA)

Part 3:  Christopher, international student from India, and Rainer, indigenous American student from Stockbridge-Munsee, on the recent incidents of hatred/xenophobia/bigotry at UW-Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Part 4: Monica Castillo, Latino Student Association; Bobby G, community member;  Ta Xiong, co-organizer for the Vigil

Part 5: Closing moment:  Lean on Me.