Wisconsin Progressives: Moving Forward after Nov. 8th

Wisconsin: Moving forward after November 8th. Weird notions from the Green People’s Media Idea Mill.

Johnny Dangers likes to use the term “superhyperlocal” about issue organizing when the focus is your hometown. Here’s some superhyperlocal stuff. Keep in mind the Line of March (to win) on these issues leads straight to the Capitol Dome in Madison tho.

–No more CAFOs. Start scaling-down the existing ones.

–Tenants’ rights. Re-empower communities to protect tenants, mediate conflicts between landlords and tenants, improve relations.

–No more frac-sand mines. Again, scaling-back and slow shutdown, in preparation for the big bust in fracking production in 2020-2024. Full remediation of damaged lands.

–Strict regulation of hi-capacity wells. Restoration of the drained lakes in the Central Sands. An environmental restoration project on an epic scale is needed.

–Raise the minimum wage, statewide. Ban the bans on local wage improvement efforts (municipal/countywide efforts).

–Restore Wisc. Housing & Economic Development (WHEDA) with its focus on improving the stock of low-income housing, statewide. Encourage County Zoning plans that make communities “low-income friendly.” Keep a restored WHEDA strictly away from the Manufacturers’ and Commerce’s treasury-looting schemes (such as WEDC).

Because “ALICE” says a minimum wage hike isn’t going to help if– “That RENT is TOO DAMN HIGH!”

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