Why we don’t publish editors’ names here

Why we don’t publish the Editors’ names here

One idea we had when setting up this blog was that we would like to get contributions from people who are inside the workings of the “system,” which includes folks who work in key positions in government, whether state, local, or national, as well as folks who labor in Non-Governmental Organizations, or NGOs. Often such folks have a lot to say about what is going wrong inside “the system,” but do not want to risk political repercussions (such as getting fired or reprimanded, or having the Governor of Wisconsin for example place a “gag order” on them forbidding them having a publicly-known opinion). Many non-profit workers are under scrutiny so as to not displease the funding organizations or individuals providing the bulk of some of the grants they work under.  There is no point in risking a job you are dependent upon by displeasing your funders, right?

Besides these people, there are many others who may not wish to be stalked and harassed for expressing radical or revolutionary opinions on the critical issues that we want to address here in this blog. Even private-sector workers may have insane ultracapitalist bosses who do not appreciate their employees biting the hand that feeds them table scraps.

So, ir you want to have your byline known, please indicate when you make submissions, “please byline” and use either your real-world name or non de guerre, or else indicate that you want to publish a guest post, or perhaps don your Anonymous Mask and post as “Anon.” Any way that you feel comfortable getting the word out !

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