Central WI Intercity Bus Feasibility Study 2010: tossed in the GOP fire in 2011

In 2010, a number of cities in Portage, Marathon, Wood and Lincoln Counties, Wisconsin sent their leaders to a series of meetings to do a study on an intercity bus system. This 42-page, clearly-written and easy-to-read document is the result of those meetings between Merrill, Marathon City, Wausau, Mosinee, Marshfield, Stevens Point and Wisconsin Rapids.

In early 2011, the new One-Party regime which had swept to power in the November 2010 elections saw fit to disenable localities in Wisconsin from forming such multi-County Regional Transit Authorities as this study was done to create.

Publishing this study here is one of many steps in a process of building a Citizens’ Alliance for Regional Transit Authorities, to re-enable multi-County and multi-municipality Regional Transit Authorities, and to ultimately break up the One-Party corporate-run state headquartered in the Wisconsin Capitol Dome.

This, and many other citizens’ initiatives, will be the beginnings of a long push-back and break-up of One-Party rule in Wisconsin.  We have a democracy crisis in this state, and we’re going to overcome that and the people will prevail.

Central WI Intercity Bus Feasibility Study 2010