Recap of Dane County Board comments, December 3, 2015

Report and comments re Dane County Board meeting last night on Enbridge REJECTED appeal re environmental insurance language:

Thanks to all for turning out, wearing RETAIN! Stickers, registering and/or speaking in opposition, the ZLR’s decision to retain the insurance was upheld by a 27-2 vote!

Please let Mary Beth know if your name is left off these lists!

People who testified orally against Enbridge included Ronni Monroe, Peter Anderson, Cassie Steiner, Harry Bennett, Mary Beth Elliott, Don Ferber, Carl Whiting, Susan Nossel, Bruce Noble, Kevin McGettigan, Joan Arnold, Tim Jensen

Folks who were there for us and/or registering in opposition to Enbridge appeal included Judy Stadler, Kate Schulte, Ken Skog, Phyllis Hasbrouck, Kevin Corrado, Steve Spieckerman , Susan O’Leary, Lynn Shoemaker, Janette Rosenbaum, Laura Schlachter, Lori van Caster, Tim Jensen, Julie de la Terre, Bill Greendeer, and Bob Hoass

Carl Whiting and Ronni Monroe and Peter Anderson have provided most of the info below, but here are a few things to note:

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