The Community Rights Workshop (Washburn, WI) Report-Back to 350-Stevens Point

On Oct. 24-25, 2015, Paul Cienfuegos of Community Rights Network gave a well-attended weekend workshop at Washburn, WI. Here are 6 short videos from the report back to 350-Stevens Point, an affiliate of the national group 350-dot-org which is a local affiliate with all student leadership at UW-Stevens Point, but also includes the community. It is a joint campus-community affiliate.

Community Rights is based on an understanding of how individual and community rights have been steadily eroded since the founding of the United States, gradually being lost to the institution of “corporate personhood.” It suggests a set of strategy and tactics to regain these individual and community rights. Perhaps this approach can be one set of tools in your local movement-building.

overview of the timeline of “corporate personhood/people lose rights”

Timeline of “corporate personhood/people lose rights”

timeline of “corporate free speech/Citizens United/’harm by permit’ ”

Total loss of community rights—Benton Harbor, MI—case of Rev. Pinkney

Lenore’s rap on solidarity—in the Climate Justice Movement

Change the big picture from below