Walker education cuts damaging places that voted for him (Jake’s Economic)

Jake’s Economic TA Funhouse blog has developed a new “meme” if people want to take it and run with it. Go ahead, apply it to any area of the economy and any part of the state; still works:
“Walker cuts are damaging places that voted for him..”

From Jake’s blog:

It’s clear that the “tools” that were part of Act 10 aren’t near enough to handle Scott Walker’s budget cuts, and a huge amount of school district officials testified to that effect to the Joint Finance Committee today in Brillion. These district officials said that Walker’s budget is a debilitating blow that comes on top of numerous hits that district funding has taken over the years, and an example of the type of concerns voiced to the JFC members was this testimony from Shawano School District’s Business Manager, Louise Fischer.

See the rest of the story here. He’s making a very strong point.

Pew Report: Wisconsin No. 1 State In Household Income Decline

James Rowen’s page of facts about Scott Walker little known outside Wisconsin

By popular demand, we link to James Rowen’s awesome list of simple facts about the Wisconsin Governor who’s been running for President since before the gubernatorial campaign of 2014–facts that corporate media are not making available to people outside of Wisconsin. We suspect these corporate media are promoting Scott Walker in order to reap various pay to play benefits from him should he win the White House.  After all, media are corporations, and behave first and foremost like corporations.  They need their corporate welfare. 

James Rowen’s Scott Walker Facts Little Known Outside Wisconsin.

Once again on the Labor Force (NON) Participation Rate, and the unemployables…

participation rate sept 2014

The needle never seems to move much on the Labor Force Participation (and non-participation) rate, does it.
Meanwhile, the lower graph, signalling “people not in the Labor Force” reached 92 million late in 2014, and that also has not budged.

It’s not a Republican nor a Democratic thing, folks:  It’s a capitalist thing.  The capitalist class no longer has need for those 92 million people.

No matter what your phony-tea-party brother-in-law may say about “people could get a job if they wanted, they’re just lazy,” it’s still not true.  No matter what overtly fascist Republican Governors such as Scott Walker, “Bobby” Jindal, Chris Christie, RIck Snyder, RIck Scott, Bruce Rauner etc may say, it’s still not true that the reason 92 million people will be facing starvation soon is because they’re lazy, they do drugs, there’s a skills gap, and so on, it’s all still not true

Capitalism is putting itself out of business  And the unemployable class are the ones facing the life-threatening consequences of that.