“One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America”

Terry Gross’s show “Fresh Air” on NPR managed to have a really interesting show on March 30th, featuring Kevin M. Kruze, author of “One Nation Under God:  How Corporate America Invented Christian America”

Very enlightening.  We’ve known for a long time that the so-called “Christian Right” is neither right, nor Christian, but are a bunch of political operatives working for a kind of religio-fascism in these United States.  This guy’s book reveals the whole sordid history of how the business men were looking for a way to put lipstick on the pig of capitalism, and found that religion was the most expeditious way.

Now that we know for sure that so much of the “Christian Right” is a creation of the corporate world and the businessmen, I think we shouldn’t be shy about trying to debunk their whole game. Call them out, every time you hear some “Christian” preacher fantasizing about the godliness of rape, or hating on gay people, or suggesting that World War III with Iran would be just great because it will bring about the End Times. Or whatever crazy shit they’re talking, just call them on it.

Book is available at this link.