County-By-County Charts Showing the WI GOP Destruction of School Districts

A group called School Funding Reform for Wisconsin has a complete collection of pie charts showing how your County — be you a wealthy or a poor persons’ county — will be badly affected by the Walkerist GOP Austerity plan for bleeding public education to death.

All so that their donors who own voucher schools can pirate away students from schools which will be failing because of funding cuts.  Perfect vulture capitalism at play.

The introduction on the School Funding Reform for Wisconsin page states:

Our mission:  To support wisconsin’s k-12 public schools.

School Funding Reform for Wisconsin is a volunteer grassroots organization begun in 2010 by a group of concerned citizens in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and today we have members from the Wausau, Wisconsin Rapids and Amherst areas as well.  While we continue to work towards changing the failed formula that has been used for the past 20 years to fund our public schools, we are also focused on raising awareness in our communities of efforts underway in Wisconsin and elsewhere to shift public school funding to private schools.  We believe the privatization of our educational system is wrong for our communities and wrong for Wisconsin.

These charts can be found here, click the link to see your county’s share of the damage.