Green Party’s Jill Stein: I just got back from Texas / listening tour

“In Houston, I met with Juan Parras of Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Service (TEJAS) for a tour of Houston’s East End, the predominantly working class, Latino and African-American side of town that borders the Houston Ship Channel. Here, oil refineries spew toxic smoke across the street from houses and schools. Now Juan and TEJAS are helping local oil workers build community support for their ongoing strike.”

“I walked the picket lines with striking USW workers at two oil refineries. The oil corporations are taking away workers’ benefits while refusing to fix unsafe working conditions. The workers want Big Oil to treat them fairly and deal with safety hazards at the refineries. Juan and TEJAS agree that if the oil workers aren’t safe on the job, then their entire communities are at risk. Old dividing lines between workers and environmentalists are quickly disappearing.”JillStein-stirke_3

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