Milwaukee Rally to Stop “Right-to-Work” at 5 p.m. Today.

Rally to Stop “Right to Work” in Wisconsin
5:00pm Monday Feb 23rd
Zeidler Union Square
4th and Michigan, Milwaukee, WI

We say: NO “Right to Work” for Wisconsin!


Plans to introduce so-called ‘Right to Work’ legislation are threatening to make Wisconsin the 25th state to eliminate all union contracts with mandatory dues as part of employment. This weakens working people’s right to collectively bargain for better wages and decent working conditions. So-called “right to work” states have much lower pay, workers make nearly $6,000 less per year. Workers also face 54% more workplace fatalities, 15% higher poverty rate, and 16% fewer health benefits, to name a few.

Worker’s are ready to fight ‘Right to Work’ because ‘Right to Work’ is not about democracy or choice, it’s an attack from big business on the working people of Wisconsin.

Sponsored by:
Defeat RTW in WI
AFSCME District Council 48
Occupy Milwaukee
Voces de la Frontera
Youth Empowered in the Struggle
Progressive Students of Milwaukee
Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement
Greater Milwaukee Green Party
Bring Back the Fight
Fight Back News
Wisconsin Jobs Now

Twitter: @defeatrtw