Why the frac-sand industry is unsustainable — EIA productivity reports

We thought we’d leave this info in a comment for any of the frac-sand mining opposition pages.  This is important for all the Hixton WI  folks who have been convinced by the industry that they’re building a “sustainable” industry for y’all’s future there. Not true, and here’s why
Why the fracking (and frac-sand) industries are screwed. Couple graphs from the Energy Info Agency. The second bar in each chart shows the decline of production (in barrels a day) from the “legacy” (already producing) wells in Eagle Ford, the Texas fracking formation.
The decline rate went from -81,000 barrel a day to -131,000 barrel a day over a one-year span. The way they made up for that and showed an increase was by — you guessed it — drilling way more wells, using way more Wisconsin frac sand (or whatever state they get it from).
The graphic on the right is the EIA’s latest Feb 2015 “drilling productivity report.” Now the decline is -138,000 barrel a day and the third bar in the graph “net change” is much thinner (17,000 barrel a day).
At some point in the near future there is what you call a “DEATH CROSS” where the second bar will be larger, decline will exceed new production, and virtually no amount of drilling and fracking heroics will keep production up in this Eagle Ford oil field. Which is a bigger producer than North Dakota’s Bakken (also undergoing the same process).

Frac-sand mining is not a sustainable industry. It will go bust, along with the fracking boom.

EagleFordLegacyDecline EagleFordLegacyFeb15