Kalamazoo River Oil Spill Disaster Update Oct 6 2013

(Feb 12, 2015) Here’s what Wisconsin may have in store for it with the Enbridge demand for Line 61 expansion. Gives you a feel for the up-close human impact of such an event.

By BarlondSmith  |  Posted October 6, 2013  |  Michigan

So its been 1 year 5 months since my husband LA Boy and I have left Oily Creek (Battle Creek MI ) and it has been 3 years 2 months since the Enbridge Energy 1.1 million gallon ( and still counting) tarsand oil spill into the Kalamazoo river. You would think that moving 45 miles away and as much time as passed that it would make life easier. The truth is that I could have completely walked away, however that is easier said than done.
The impact of a technological disaster has astounded me in its devastation. We always feel bad when we see a disaster such as Super Storm Sandy, the floods in Colorado, tornado devastation such as what happened in Oklahoma earlier this year. We send in the Red Cross, FEMA, raise money, and cry over the injured and loss of life.
However, the truth is that a technological disaster is just as devastating as a “natural“ disaster. Lac Megantic in Canada 47 dead, West, TX 15 dead, 200 hundred injured, Corne Bayou, LA 150 families devastated and displaced. Earlier this year another tarsand oil spill down in Mayflower, AR brought this home. Several of the residents on the Battle Creek Oil Spill group page on Facebook couldn’t bear to see the photos of Mayflower, AR. However, for those devastated by an oil spill they are left to their own defenses.